Concerts with the Prague Symphony Orchestra21 Oct 2023

“It was indeed evident in his performance that he has experienced the piece to perfection. He performed it with obvious insight, with complete sovereignty and stylistic clarity. He delivered it with apparent composure, absolute mastery, and stylistic purity. The outer movements were played with amazing vigor and infectious youthful enthusiasm […]. In the slow movement, we could appreciate Ohlsson’s beautiful, naturally modulated cantilena with delicate touch nuances that brought a new depth of color to Beethoven’s music. The collaboration with the orchestra was flawless – the pianist and conductor were so in sync that they understood each other without having to watch closely. They were equally matched in youthful enthusiasm as well. And most importantly and most sympathetically, Ohlsson and the orchestra played Beethoven with a visible pleasure that was easily transferred to the audience, who rose to a standing ovation immediately after the last notes were struck. The pianist then added the Waltz in C sharp minor, Op. 64/2 by his emblematic composer Fryderyk Chopin. This waltz is one of Chopin’s most played compositions. I have heard it countless times, but I confess that I know of no one who has played it as imaginatively as Garrick Ohlsson.”

Casopis Harmonie

“In his later creative period, there is a deepening philosophical dimension to his interpretations. The concert that the pianist performed at the Rudolfinum on the penultimate Saturday in October conveyed more messages to the audience than ever before – an important message from a significant artist […]. He communicated his message very clearly through thematic lines, expressive harmonies, pronounced rhythms, and all the expressive means of music, which speak in a transparent language to the widest audiences. […]

The Prague audience rewarded Garrick Ohlsson with thunderous applause. It was not just a thank you for all the messages they had received from the artist but also for his countless visits to the Czech Republic, where he always charmed with his interpretative artistry.”

Opera plus