Piano Sonatas / Fantasie

Garrick Ohlsson surveys the whole of the Scriabin sonata cycle.

Smetana: Czech Dances, On the Seashore

Smetana's two sets of Czech Dances - the first comprising four Chopin-esque Polkas, the second exploring other dance forms more associated with Dvorak - provide the ideal vehicle for the understated pianism of Garrick Ohlsson. The evocative tone poem in miniature On the Seashore completes the program.

Études: Debussy, Bartók, Prokofiev

Garrick Ohlsson has an unbeaten reputation as the master of the miniature. In this new recital he presents three sets of Études: the twelve by Claude Debussy (so ferocious in their demands they were shunned even by elite pianists for decades), Prokofiev's revolutionary Études, Op.2 and a set of three lesser-known works by Bartók.

Scriabin: Complete Poèmes

Pianist Garrick Ohlsson is an acknowledged master of the genre, and this new Scriabin recording will only enhance his already admirable reputation.