Piano Sonatas / Fantasie

The progression of Scriabin s work as embodied in his ten piano sonatas chronicle the development and unfolding of a unique voice which to this day sings unlike any other in musical history. Garrick Ohlsson offers titanic readings of these ever-fascinating works. Since his triumph as winner of the 1970 Chopin International Piano Competition, Garrick Ohlsson has established himself worldwide as a musician of magisterial interpretive and technical prowess. Garrick Ohlsson commands an enormous repertoire, and this “Complete Scriabin Sonatas” joins his “Complete Beethoven Sonatas” and “Complete Scriabin Etudes” on the BRIDGE label.

Ohlsson casts his own spells in the course of this twitchy, convulsive tour of the underworld, with little galloping motifs that dance away into the shadows, sometimes in quick imitation. A gradual apocalypse emerges, a feverish outburst of nightmare chords that diminish in ghostly steps and shimmer into nothingness.

Gary Lemco
Release Date:
16 Dec. 2016
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Bridge Records, Inc.
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