Beethoven Sonatas, Vol. 9

Of Vol. 3 of this series, winner of the 2008 Grammy for “Best Instrumental Performance”, Jed Distler writes: “The god of inspiration sprints hand in hand with Garrick Ohlsson as the pianist nears completion of his Beethoven sonata cycle. The present disc opens with one of Op. 2 No. 3’s finest recorded performances. Ohlsson’s lean, propulsive first movement incorporates distinctly contrasted themes and subtle tempo modifications. Everything hangs together so well that when Ohlsson leans on the accelerator for the movement’s final octave outburst the effect is conclusive rather than vulgar. Ohlsson also plays Op. 14 No. 1 beautifully, bringing a refreshingly terse quality to the Allegretto by underlining its sudden dynamic shifts. Excellent sound and notes.”

Release Date:
9 Nov. 2010
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Bridge Records, Inc.
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