tonebase LIVE Workshop: Chopin Etudes with Garrick Ohlsson

On Thursday, August 13th at 2:00pm EST / 11:00AM PST, join the tonebase Piano Community Group to tune in LIVE.

Published in 1833, Frederic Chopin’s Etudes, Op. 10 were “a revolution in his time,” according to Garrick Ohlsson.

Dedicated to Franz Liszt, the twelve studies explored uncharted pianistic and coloristic territory. Four years later their sequel, Op. 25, revealed twelve more breathtaking soundscapes latent in the keyboard that pushed the limits of piano technique even further.

As devilishly difficult as they are dazzling, Chopin’s Etudes remain a litmus test for the upper echelon of virtuosity. Already in elite company having mastered and recorded all 24, Garrick Ohlsson is one of the rare few also capable of analyzing and explaining the technical challenges of each.

Join the tonebase Piano Community Group to watch 1970 International Chopin Competition Winner as he breaks down the Études, demonstrating psychological and practical strategies for confronting them at the keyboard.

Ohlsson will be responding to viewers at the end of the workshop, so be part of the discussion and submit your questions and comments in advance or during the event